Station G8HLH

Welcome to the G8HLH web site, Operating on all HF & VHF Bands on SSB,Digimodes & Meteor Scatter

Rodger (Rog)


Operating Digimode using PSK, MFSK, Contestia & RTTY Modes


   Also working Meteor Scatter using FSK441 & JT6M Modes

Amateur Radio (Ham Radio) the greatest of all scientific based hobbies

Location:- St Helens, Merseyside. IO83PK


Lat. 53.43765N   Long. 2.72112W     Elev. 40 M

Hello & welcome to the G8HLH website, just a few brief details about the station, its locality and items of interest around the area.

Station location is at St. Helens, Merseyside. (previously Lancashire)
General location 15 Km West from Liverpool (Merseyside) & 25 Km East from Manchester. (Gtr. Manchester)
St. Helens is an industrial town formally noted for the mining & glass manufacturing industries, but now has a general industrial base.
My occupation is now retired but formally I was in sales of Foundry & Robotic Equipment. Principally in the UK & Continental Europe. The Company I worked for was based in Leicester UK & Alabama USA.
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My other interests are Trout & Salmon fishing.    

G8HLH Station Location.
Lat.     53.43765N.
Long.     2.72112 W.
Elev.     40M.
IO83pk            CQ Zone 14            ITU Zone 27        SJ521936
Club Memberships.
30m Digital Group 30MDG #3846
Digital Modes Club DMC # 03235
European Phase Shift Keying Club EPC #12031
Feld Hell Club FH #3043
Shack at home QTH.


The Left hand screen shows just where in the world my signals are getting out too in real time & Satellite Orbital predictions. The Center screen controls the various Rigs, Antenna Rotator & equipment and keeps the logbook. The right hand screen shows the propagation conditions prevailing & Ion storm warnings & Solar activity plus signal analysis when required. In all, a nice little setup if I may say so, which keeps me quite in the winter months.

Main         Tx/Rx.   Yaesu      FT-897D & LDG AT-897Plus Antenna Tuner, with a Signalink USB Soundboard for Digi Modes.
Secondary Tx/Rx.   Yaesu     FT726R Transceiver on 2 M & 70 cm. for satellite work
Monitoring       Rx.   Yaesu     FRG7700 Gen Coms Receiver.
Mobile Rigs Tx/Rx   Yaesu     290R Transceiver
Computer.                Packard Bell with Intel processor running at 2.5 GHz as 2 Quad, 4 Gb memory & 580 Gb oh hard drive storage
Operating system.    Window 7 Professional with Windows XP mode activated for legacy XP software usage.
Antenna Systems.

Home QTH ......    MFJ Super HI-Q Loop Magnetic Loop Antenna (7 -21 Mhz) Horizontally polarized Omi directional



A well designed and constructed Magnetic Loop Antenna of around 1M diameter can out perform most antennas with the exception of multi element beams on the 40,20,17,15, 12 & 10m bands.

The beam antennas using an AlphaSpid rotator are mounted on a "GD MASTS" 3 section Tilt & Wind up 35 m Tower, for 6,4,2m & 70cm, generally used for Meteor Scatter Work.

Mobile Operation....... using a  Yaesu ATAS-120 Active-Tuning Antenna System, basically a 1/4 wave Whip 1.5M long at 4.7M high AGL
Portable Operation...... using a MFJ-936B Magnetic Loop Tuner from Caravan Awning. 215cm copper wire loop. for 20, 17, 15 m bands. I have worked out into Malaysia with this on 4W normally run 0.25W


Ham Radio Deluxe Version 5 & Digital master 780 Version 5,   For control of the Yaesu 897D and RTTY, PSK, MSK, Feld Hell, Contestia, Slow Scan TV operations,

PstRotatorAZ Rotator program
HDRSatTrack for satellite work
Radio SkyPipe For Recording Signals
SBSpectrum, Spectran & Spectravue
WSJT7 & WSPR  K1JT's (Joe Taylor),  programs for Meteor scatter, Backscatter & QRP DX operations. Normally running 5 -10W for JT65, FSK441 & JT6. operations. software from
JT65-HF Version RB enabled used for JT65 on 40M -15M HF running 10w. with JT-Alet & JT-Macros.

 MSHV for Meteor Scatter Work by LZ2HV
TX Monitoring by using  This is VERY GOOD. A useful tool
Modes of Operation.
A preference for all digital modes with a liking for operation on QRP DX.
Log Book.
Using Ham radio Deluxe System, Auto reports sent to PSK reporter, DXcluster,
All QSO's confirmed by E-QSL at 
& LOTW( Logbook Of The World) at 

Cards will sent to SWL's who send in signal reports by email to
My Home QTH QSL Card.


  See page 2 for further info about the Dream

My /P  & Alternative QTH QSL Cards.



The Royal Hill Melverley Shropshire                        Mosman Sydney NSW Australia

Other Equipment.
An ancient crystal set for Rx long wave which still works!!!!! (with 50m of Ariel, a good earth, high impedance phones and a good spot on the germanium crystal ). This crystal set is reputed to be first radio in St Helens and used by my father.
The crystal holder is shown in the photo on the right with its "cats whisker" adjusting nut. The cats whisker used was 1" length of 5 amp fuse wire. A new crystal was sunk into lead holder pot in 1956 by myself (the crystal was bought from the local chemist for 2 old pence.). On connecting the Ariel & Earth to the terminal show left & right hand sides and tuning by sliding the two knobs at the top along the brass rails the BBC station on 198 m long wave came in 5 & 9. (Now called radio 4.)


My other hobby.


On the troll for trout on around Holy Island Lough Derg River Shannon Ireland.


A Very Old Church on Holy Island Lough Derg. (one of seven)


On the fly for Salmon on the Castle Connell (Beat 6) River Shannon Ireland



Worming after the Salmon on River Severn at Melverley Shropshire UK.

(two weeks later the river was over the Right Hand bank)




A good day out a 6 lb Cock salmon